Sunday, May 6, 2012


The funny things kids say: Me: So you got some snow while I was gone!" George: "Yes, it was really coming down like it was the real deal.....but the next day it melted. "
I guess that sums up winter so far. We get brief interludes where winter seems like "the real deal" but then it reverts right back to early-springish. :)

On the bedside table:

Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, Sugar Barons and America's First Imperial Adventure
Julia Siler

This one I lost interest in before finishing. Hawaii is an interesting place with an interesting history, but I just couldn't keep interested. :)

Clover Adams: A Guilded and Heartbreaking Life
Natalie Dykstra

Why I am so intrigued by Clover Adams is a mystery to me. Perhaps it was that she married into one of the great American families of the time. And I admire her husband ( Henry Adams, great grandson/grandson of "the" presidents). She was also a contemporary and friend of many of the greats of the Guilded Age. Hers is a tragic tale and really makes no sense. And since everyone who knew her, including her husband, have kept "mum" on speculating or giving any clues as to the "why's" of her early demise by her own hand, I suppose it is a mystery that keeps me intrigued. I read an earlier biography of her, and this is a new work. That fact makes me feel better ie: I'm not the only one who finds obscure people fascinating.

Guess What I Did?

From the above pictures it may be obvious I ( along with my daughters) had a little visit to Disney World. :) Yes, the two girls and I were blessed ( and it was a blessing) with a trip down to Florida to visit with my parents and grandmere. My birthday spent in the Magic Kingdom. This was Gabriella's dream and Miss Naomi was enchanted as well. Poor little Gabs came down with a raging, double ear infection the day before we left, but she managed to blaze on through with the help of a few drugs. Maybe "blaze" isn't the right word, but she did enjoy in a hazy sort of way.

As winter wrapped up and spring came upon us:

We got to take a trip down to Memphis, where Tim hangs his hat every two weeks. The weather was delightful, and Memphis is a lovely place. We enjoyed our little jaunt there.
We also saw our seventh confirmand! George Augustine Telemachus Vrazo was confirmed in the Catholic Church with Zak as his sponsor.

What's Next on the Agenda?
Now we are in the final rush to get school done by the first of June, and get Naomi graduated by the end of May! We look forward to a camping trip directly after all that and......a mid-July graduation party!

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