Sunday, September 27, 2009

The last week of September

"B" is for Bat. Manny and Gabriella decided to make some funky ones. :)
Jackson, the awesome goalie!
and defense man....what else? :) He's about a half a foot taller and 50 lbs more than most on either team :)...which this photo shows clearly LOL!
George is my new favorite photographer!

Outside my window: a very lovely fall day.

I am thinking....about all the things on my" honey- do list" I should try to ask Tim to get to since he is in a stellar mood today. The. LIONS. WON.

I am thankful .....for a fantastic fall day spent at Greenfield Village.

From the schoolroom....B is for Bats with the preschoolers. Manny has finally started to show an interest in preschool type things. We made some "handprint" bats, and read books on the subject. I thought to celebrate the first day of fall by going swimming :) ( it was warm enough) but didn't get to it. The rest are cooking along. Signed Naomi up for the PSAT October 14.

From the kitchen ....there were so many saurkraut themed meals at GFV yesterday, I felt I had to make some today! :) I tried a corn chowder recipe that was pretty good. Usually I do crab/corn chowder, but this time just corn.

I am wearing . ..khaki capri's, navy and cream knit top, grey, short sleeve hoodie, flip flops.

I am reading and watching . .listening on cd :

I think I am suffering from the "I just read a great book and now everything else pales in comparison" because I am having a hard time finding anything that keeps my interest. I bring home an armload from the library, and check the reviews on Amazon, but not much luck. I am keeping with "Sarah's Story" by
As stated on Amazon, the writing is a bit juvinile and the modern part of the story a bit cliched of course she is an (american living in Paris, of course she is a journalist, of course she has a handsome, rich,French husband and they are remodeling a chic apartment. Of course she has the token gay male couple for friends, who cook marvelous meals and throw fabulous dinner parties, and, of course, she is working on a controversial story with a dark secret! blah blah blah :).....but the *historical* part of the story is interesting.


The Case of Cornielia Connely.

Yes, this is SOME case.

Unto the Daughters by Karen Tintori

Very fascinating book about an Italian family in Detroit in the early parts of the 20th century. The author was investigating her family history and found an alarming skeleton in the closet. Also descriptions of their lives in Sicily before coming to the US. I feel like I've read lots of books about immigrants to the United States, but she has so much interesting information about how it was, some I've never heard. Engrossing.

Nuns in America: by John Fialka


Nothing much watched this week. But I did see Phantom of the Opera on stage. :)Which was outstanding!

I am hearing . ...Sports Center, what else? The Lions won for the first time since 2007. LOL!

Around the house. ..wahhhhh! Trying hard not to mutter about the fact whenever I take a day off, it's all waiting for me when I come home, plus some. :) (but I did mutter, anyway)

One of my favorite things. ....the first,crisp apple from the apple orchard. And doughnuts and cider. Time to get over there!

What will we do this week. ...the usual, soccer, school, classes ...catechism starts this week. Jed's first time. :) Going out to eat with my parents. It won't be long until they are all heading back to Florida. :(

Here’s a picture I am sharing. ...a pictorial of our week......:)


Aussie Therese said...

here in Australia, the last weekend in September is a song about the Australian Football Leagues Grand final. I thought when I read this that you may have written about it.

Alice said...

Hi, Kris!
I just caught up a bit on your blog - love seeing the pictures of everyone... I'll show Elena!
Love, Alice (I'll write sometime soon :)

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