Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daybook, September 20, 2009

The kids in their HEP uniforms, ready for their classes. :) George looks thrilled!
George, hard at work.

T-shirt painting was a hit with this crowd.

Some people can take pictures of their kids in the schoolroom with them sitting placidly at their desks. Mine prefer ninja moves. ;)

Outside my window: Bright and sunny after a c-c-c-old morning.

I am thinking....."where charity and love prevail, there Christ is ever found!"

I am thankful .....for Fr Dino's homilies

From the schoolroom....another pretty good week. Outside the house classes went smoothly, I guess we are getting in a routine. We even got a craft in this week! :)

From the kitchen .....did we eat? did I cook? Nothing comes to mind this week.

I am wearing . ....beige capri's, green and brown knit floral top, brown hoodie sweater and tennis shoes.

I am reading and watching . .listening on cd :

The Seamstress by Frances De Pontes Peebles

Enthusiastic "high five" for this one. It was one of the books that brings you into it and makes it hard to forget that you aren't there anymore even when you are not reading it or ( in my case) listening to it. Enthralling descriptions of pre-World War 2 Brazil. My only criticisms are that it was a bit too brutal at times, and I thought the cangaceiros got a bit too much sympathy for their evil ways ( poor upbringing, poverty, etc) while other naughty people didn't get the same pass. Even so, she seemed to redeem herself by being even handed to all the characters throughout. It was thoroughly refreshing to read something that didn't seem to overtly have some kind of agenda. (She may have, but I am too dull to be assaulted by it. :) One of those books where you marvel at the author. How did she come up with this story, and carry it to the end so smoothly and satisfyingly?

Very , very sorry to have this one end, but couldn't stop listening to it every time I had the chance. :)


The Case of Cornielia Connely.

Yes, this is SOME case.

Nuns in America: by John Fialka This is really a fascinating book so far. It's amazing all the work & services religious sisters provided to the general public ( not just Catholics) Hospital, schools, and other charitable endeavors. I have to say it is pretty inspiring. Their uncomplaining sacrifices are a rebuff to me. A needed one, for sure :) It was also interesting, and disturbing to read more about how the Irish Catholics were treated by the English in the late 17th and early 18th century. I guess I should not be so enamored by English society back then. ;)


The Six Wives of Henry the 8th.
This was produced awhile ago, and it is evident. Still, it has some marvelous scenes in it, despite knowing the story like the back of my hand. :)

Tried to watch "A Portrait of A Lady" with Nichole Kidman ( I know I saw it in the theaters when it came out) and just couldn't go past the first 10 minutes. Ugh....I am too spoiled now by the BBC. :) I may try again just because the costumes and scenery was very beautiful.

I am hearing . ...Tim playing the keyboard, Spongebob....erg! Gabriella reading a book of prayers and saying the ones she knows. :)

Around the house. ..nothing very exciting. Just trying to maintain order right now.

One of my favorite things. .... a pretty, orange, pumpkin.

What will we do this week. ...the usual, soccer, school, classes BUT! Naomi and I are getting taken to see "Phantom of the Opera" by my parents on Friday. So excited!

Here’s a picture I am sharing. ...a pictorial of our week......:)

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