Monday, April 21, 2008

A taste of the east

I don't usually rave about grocery store products ;), but I have happened upon some good stuff recently. Oddly enough, the Meijer at 13 and Little Mack started selling packages of naan.
I didn't realize we had much of an Indian population around here, because Tim and I always have to go to Rochester or Troy to get some good Indian food ( in other words, there are none in the neighborhood or even surrounding areas close by).
It's REALLY good. Especially warmed up a bit in the toaster oven.
We also found these *Patel* brand Indian dishes. So far we've tried Dal Tadka, Muteer Paneer and Aloo Mutter and all have been surprisingly good ( for being in a little microwaveable bag!)
The price can't be beat, either. On sale they are $2.00 a pop and the naan is 1.50!


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