Friday, April 4, 2008

Feelings.......oh woh woh woh....feeeeelings..........

After spending a considerable amount of time finding socks, shoes and coats for everyone and then putting on socks, tying shoes and zipping said coats for three little people without those skills, we finally made it outside for some time in the backyard. Not 5 minutes later Jed said he was hungry and wanted to go in for lunch ( of course!)
"Jed," I said. "We just got out here, let's spend a little more time outside before we go in for lunch."

"I'm not feeling it, mom, I'm not feeling it."


abivrazo said...


I love it.

Lisa C. Vrazo said...

Jed is one amazing kid, haha.

I got your comment, thanks for saying that.

And I have to say "right back at you", I never miss a post with your family, I LOVE the times we get to visit, but because of life getting in the way blogging is the next best thing.

Did you see Jill started a blog? I was so happy to see that- Winston is such a unique kid.

I heard Gabriella already has some molars? London's started to cut 3 at once and I just want some kind of drug to knock him out until it's over!!! (herbal of course *wink* haha)

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