Monday, March 3, 2008

SIgns of Spring....

I suppose it says something about the climate you live in when 40 or 50 degrees feels balmy. ;)
Still, the *hint* of warmth those temperatures bring seem to give a glimpse of better weather days ahead. We had two such days in the last week, week and a half and it was hard to stay indoors.....
so we went out!

The first place we visited was our favorite local nature walk at Metro Beach. We were lucky enough to have our own personal nature fellow (aka a nice, middle age man out taking pictures) point out to us a herd of deer just a few yards away and the great horned owl sleeping in his/her nest. He also reminded me a lot of my dear old dad, currently living in Florida for the winter ( and we miss a lot...and dear meemaw, too), so it was quite a serendipity.

Today, the little boys and I went for a *puddle walk* ;). The rapidly melting snow due to the 50+ temps made puddles everywhere on our little jaunt out of doors and they were such fun to walk through and jump in.
Yes, the pants were soaked up to their thighs ( even with boots on), but we weren't out long enough for them to catch pneumonia ( hopefully ;)

Hope springs eternal that it won't be too much longer' til we are out in our shirtsleeves and flipflops ;)

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