Thursday, December 20, 2007

Was it really 1 year ago today............

.........that Tim and I got up before the crack of dawn for the long drive to the hospital?
I can't seem to remember the weather. Probably cold, but I don't think it was snowing.
We checked in, went up to our room, got prepped, and at 8:30 am Gabriella Ruth came into the world.
What a mixture of joy, relief and thanksgiving! A new daughter! Only our second and after 12 years since our first daughter was born. Such fun to get pink out again. Healthy! After so many worries and cautiously, carefully moving through the pregnancy with our dear Dr Greene's help.

A year later our joy has only increased as she has grown. I can't say how many times just the mere thought of her has jolted me out of a glum mood. She is sweet, fun, darling, yummy and OURS! Thank you God! It is her birthday today, but she is still *our* favorite present.


Alice said...

Oh, Kris, how sweet! Thanks for the link - neat to see/read the other entries too.
Gabbi (Ella?) is so precious :) and very pretty.
Greg and I had a chuckle over your funky advent wreath.
Have a great weekend and Christmas!

Lisa C. Vrazo said...

Jill just told me about this blog, I'm so excited to be able to see the kids and keep up with things in your life now :)
Here's my blog address:

Therese said...

It is so great to see you in the blog circle Kris.

Happy Birthday to little Gabriella.

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