Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Despite wearing two different earrings to Christmas Eve Mass......

( a hoop and a dangling one, no less....good thing I wore my hair down!) we had a lovely evening.

Picture #1- Ella with cute new hat from Aunt Becky.

Picture 2: Manny with his new train set from Mee Maw and Papa.

#3- Jax, George and Manny waiting anxiously to open gifts.

#4- Christmas Eve dinner prepared by the boys ( and table set by them too! isn't it loverly?)
Chicken wings, homemade blue cheese dressing, soft onion breadstix ( homemade) greek salad and Christmas cookies for dessert. It was all ready for us when we got home. The older boys went to midnight mass at Grotto.

#5 Ella with new Christmas coat from Mee Maw and papa!

#6 Before mass

#7 Jed and Mom ( let's ignore those messy wardrobe shelves--who left the door open anyway? :)

#8 Ella with birthday jumper from Mee Maw and Papa!

#9 Christmas cheer!

Hmmm- no pictures were taken on Christmas day itself :) but we had fun anyway!

Christmas breakfast menu:
Sausage/hash brown/egg casserole
home made bread
strawberry freezer jam
fresh pineapple and cherries ( suprisingly cheap at Randazzo's! :)
cider and hot choclate

Christmas dinner:

Marinated Roast beast
smashed red potatoes and gravy ( thanks dyl!)
green bean casserole
fruity jello
homemade limeade
fresh ice tea made with my new ice tea maker! yahoo!
and the hit of the meal---we tried a new dessert, fried ice cream! frozen ice cream balls rolled in cinnamin corn flake crumbs, deep fried very quickly ( you have to freeze the balls for several hours to get them extra firm) and then drizzled with honey. Terrific!

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Therese said...

yum. Can we have Christmas lunch with you next year?

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