Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday-Vignettes from the week.

1. The BIG excitement of the week was Dyl winning Right To Life-Lifespan's "Volunteer of the Year" Award! Way to go saving babies, Charlito!

2. Favorite recipe tried: Thai Chicken Curry , which nearly tasted like the Gang Garee we get at the Thai restaurant and wasn't that difficult to make. See "Allrecipes" because it won't let me copy the link. (I did do a few switcheroo' pineapple, because it wouldn't fly around here, and I sauteed the chicken and vegetables before adding the coconut milk).

3. I've loved the color combo, blue & white, for home decor for several years now. I even devoted the living room in our old house to that theme ( perhaps overdone, but that's how I roll ;). During a recent trip to Target I was highly gratified to see this duo as *in* for spring ( according to Target, anyway). Which probably means I'll find lots of great clearance items in a couple months!

4. Snow, snow and more snow. 8 inches on Sunday night, 2 or so more last night, 2 more predicted tonight and tomorrow! Will.It.Ever.End?

5. If there is one thing I can say about this winter, it is never boring! Every week we can look forward to a new and exciting malady invading the house. This week Manny was literally bedridden for 5 days with a severe ear infection. Just as soon as he started perking up, George looks to be down with bronchitis. It seems like it has been like this since the week before Christmas. Either we have no immunity this year or it is a really bad year for nasty bugs. I'm thinking the latter, based on ancedotal information.

6. Funny of the week; An acquaintance asked Dyl how we keep our house so clean. We all got a big guffaw from that one!

7. Even better than finding new and yummy recipes is having Zak here to cook! Although it can be argued he sometimes "overseasons" things :) whatever ideas and ingredients I throw at him, he comes up with a dee-licious meal!

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