Friday, September 3, 2010

Party like a rock star?

A visit from Matt and Alex facilitated a Vrazo-tastic party.
Tim and Al at the "jam" session
Unca Joe on the drums.... ( Aly and friend looking on)
Just had to include this because it reflected the chaos ( all good) of the moment. Imagine 6 children under 7, past their bedtimes while a rock concert was taking place in the next room. Good TIMES! :)
We see you, George!
Al shredding
collaborative effort
Oh yeah- and cousin Matt was here somewhere!

Sorry Naomi ( not really ;) Yes, Alex was here, too!
Dyl and Anne with plenty of room for the Holy Spirit!
Fun for all!
Immanuel, large and in charge!
London and G!
Getting ready for grub.


Anonymous said...

Looks super fun.

Anonymous said...

*sighhhh* im always in pictures either someone accidently takes one of me or purposly but you can always find me :D i was about to do a victory dance for not bein gin any of them but there i was in the background. . . . .o well :P


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