Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to blogging.......CHRISTMAS 2009 ( Pt 1)

WARNING! We just moved so I get a pass on messy house pictures. ;)
It's rough getting up a 9 am!
Gabriella with her "Princess Potato Head" ( the current "littles" obsession around here)

A sweet little brother-big brother shot.
Zak and Noah waiting their turn.
"No Way!" Tim and Dyl get "Red Wings" tickets from Al.
Another happy customer thanks to big bro Al.
Naomi is so "Rochester" in her new hoodie.
Daddy and G sharing a candy cane moment
Manny zonked during Christmas dinner

This girl wanted a pretty Christmas dress instead of toys for her birthday
Thanks, Meemaw and Papa!

One evening (night? early morning?) during a spell of monthly insomnia, I chanced to browse past posts of my blog. I must say it was good to go back and read what the family was doing, what I was thinking, other blog posts that encouraged me, etc etc.
And so, I must, despite disliking this kind of thing in general, make a New Year's resolution to do better at keeping up the blog.

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David said...

thanks again for sending the Christmas pictures...just showed them to, Mom

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